Monday, January 18, 2010


Today was, well, another day where it starts off beautiful, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and a dip in the ocean seems like a marvelous idea. As the morning goes on the could roll over, the wind picks up and I find myself going down to throw on a sloppy-joe (warm jumper), so much for the swim. Anyway this doesn’t really bother me as I need to finish this dress I started. It has taken me this long because the first time I went to sew the lining to the dress it didn’t match up and I found this very unusual, I made sure everything was perfect and somehow the lining was way smaller then the outside fabric. I re made the top half and it did the same thing. I soon realized that when I ironed the lining it was shrinking! Well, after 3 goes I was quite mad and rang the fabric shop. The lady was very pleasant and she discovered that there was a bad batch of material and offered my money back. Anyhow I started again, this time using a different fabric for the lining and the dress should be complete soon.

Here are some pics of my day’s events and some from the finished areas of my new room! Yipieee

Enjoy xx

Just doing some reading
Russh girls say YES

yay i made those cushions :)

The favourites from my bag collection

Vintage Dress Fabirc im in love with it and i have left overs woo!

My very cute pin cushion from the markets <3

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tobaccoandleather said...

Thank you so much for your comment. It was lovely to read.

Those cushions are brilliant! i'm liking your blog