Tuesday, March 30, 2010

From Behind

Out side, the pouring rain, has me sitting lazily inside only want to read and look at blogs and pretty pictures. Only one more day of school and the easter holidays begin! The holidays will consist of an overwhelming amount of op-shopping, trips to the seaside, 2 concerts (which I have already booked, yay) and a graphic design short course.
On top of this I have a pile of homework/assessment tasks to do, but I have two weeks, should be a breeze ha :|
Better keeping on your toes then sitting around doing nothing I always say!

You know its sometimes okay to follow somebody, get inspiration from them
especially if they have a nice back.

I would also like to shout out to my lovely friend Fresho, and thank you for including me in her blog Girl at a rockshow. She is an amazing photographer and I love her :)

Happy easter everybody, if you are lucky enough to have been given a holiday I hope you enjoy it
Much love

sources: various, right hand click save

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thats how we know the world.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, busy lifestyles don’t often lend themselves much spare time. This weekend, however I have a Sunday off, which will be a wonderful time to do some catching up

The topic of the inevitable ‘2012’ came up at lunch today, is the world really going to end?
May I ask everybody, how do you perceive the world?
Is it a horrible place, filled with famine, war and no hope or a peaceful serenity which is filled with love and good opportunity?

Personally I believe we should embrace each and every opportunity that crosses your path.
I also believe everything happens for a reason and you must take the good with the bad. Look forward to spending time with loved ones, and never pass up an offer of good old fashioned fun!
Although there are terrible things in this world, its how we know it. This world can downright suck when things don’t go our way, but at least, we, in the western, developed world can wake up each morning and know there is hope.

This editorial featuring Lindsey Hoover by Chadwick Tyler for Resin Spring 2010
is so fantastic. Tyler really captures the should and expresses it in a way, which to me, is breath taking!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Experiment with everything

Shoot one: Hannah Holman by Benny Horne
Shoot two: Bambi by Beau Grealy

After what seemed to be a long day at school, I arrived home glad, knowing that the weekend is finally here.

My excitement went to all new levels when I saw a rectangular object wrapped in plastic sitting on my kitchen bench.

My long awaited RUSSH mag had finally arrived!!, my addiction being fed.

I ripped it open without hesitation and begun flicking through the pages engrossed with the content. This made my day, and will hopefully give me some inspiration for my textiles project for this year, we have to make a bag and I’m thinking the American Indian culture to be my inspiration?

Any ideas?

Have a good weekend everybody! And happy RUSSH reading.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day one

After another busy start to the week it’s good just to sit down and catch up on some blogs!

Today wasn't the best of days; it started out ok but got progressively worse as the day went on. I sometimes wonder why people just can stop playing games with each other and holding grudges, seriously some people just actually need to get over it, whatever it may be. Loosing friends is not worth anything, everybody out there never take friends or family for granted because you never know when they may be taken away from you. I have been pondering about this for quite some time now and this may be the reason for my crappy afternoon.

Anyway on a more positive note I found some beautiful pictures of Miss Abbey-Lee by Eric Guillemain.

Positively stunning!

I hope everyone has an amazing week :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday afternoon

Goodbye summer, we will miss the pretty flowers, the birds in the trees and the beautiful sunshine.
As one season ends another begins, a new start to fashion fun and a whole new adventure :D
 bring on winter!

Headshots by me, dress I love Lilya, vintage necklaces.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Alice is a wonder

As the week comes to a close you would think relief and relaxation can rush through my veins?
ha not quite. The weekend ahead is full of study and work, hopefully a good photosesh aswell.
Ohh im also going to see Alice in Wonderland 3D has anybody watched it, any good?
speaking of Alices' , Alice Dellal is once of this most amazing models, I love this shoot, its so fierce.
Have an amazing weekend everyone!

Alice Dellal by Fabio Bartelt Vogue Brazil March 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chatter box

I have been talking on the phone a lot more often than pervious days/weeks/years recently, and i am slightly concerned of getting cancer of the brain. Does this happen only with moblies or with land line aswell?
anyway back to studying for extention maths! yay.. assessment task tomorrow, wish me luck!

Tamara Jade, by Henrik Purienne
Source: fashionising

Monday, March 8, 2010

Shake Dreams from your hair

I had this dream last night that I was at my annual school swimming carnival and I went to the dressing rooms to have a shower.
As the showers were all situated on an open wall I made sure there was no boys around before I stripped.
There wasnt so I did. Suddenly out of nowhere there was a group of boys standing opposite me and a girl, who is actually my friend in real life, stole my swimmers and left me standing there, naked, exposed to the whole world.
This left me feeling quite vunerable when i awoke, but I also had a giggle.
I would love to hear some of my fellow bloggers dreams :)
any exciting ones ?

Shake Dreams From Your Hair : Shelby Keeton by Nicole Nodland

Source: Fashionising

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Today would of had to of been on e of the funnest days ever. Adventuring around Bondi and Paddington definitely proves itself worthy. The sun was shining, the city was bustling and the Paddington markets were stop number two, stop number one being the sixteen year old rebellious act of nose piercing. At the markets I found the most amazing old trunk suit case which seems to be from the 1940s, and it was only $25!! This alone is cause for celebration, but as I soon realized, lugging the trunk around all day long was a challenge in itself, but definitely worth it… oh so worth it. I’m not too sure what to do with it yet but it’s home and safe. Carrying it around Bondi beach tended to make me a bit of a site see for onlookers, and a lifeguard asked me if I was making a new fashion trend, I though to myself… if this was a fashion trend every girl would increase her arm muscles by 10% in the first week of carrying it around!.
He was cute though, nice smile :)

My gal pal Natalie and I also decided to take a few snap shots of the day and here are some of my faves!

This lifguard, known as 'H', had the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen, lovely old, or should I say mature man :).

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

That Turquoise Stone

Daria Werbowy by Mario Testino V Magazine #64

Monday, March 1, 2010

Wild Heart

Ok so when I was younger I would open my mothers large wardrobe and hung inside was two, big, fur coats, next to this was a draw which contained her black floor length negleshay. (if thats how you spell negleshay). I literally never took this off, to do groceries, shopping and even to bed in it ha, and i was only around 4 haha. ohh how I miss those days, I also use to wear my nans shoes that when I walked flipped off the back of my heels hahah.
My mother explained to me that one coat was hers and the other my aunties, which was real. I liked the softer one but when i figured that to be the real one I felt bad. I loved to play dress ups in them and you can just imagine the look i had with a black negleshay and a fur coat ha, very grown up! what can i say i had a taste for fashion even at the tender age of 4.
Today I ventured back to the wardrobe and dished out the coat, it brought back so many memories!
I also got in touch with my wild side

Mums fur coat from the 70s