Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hedi Heidi

Heidi Mount by Hedi Slimane. I like the name Heidi, I had a thing with it when I was about 7. I never had a middle name (until recently but that’s a different story) and I had a phase where I would pick a different name I like and that would be my middle name for a while until I found another name I liked better, I sometimes had two middle names haha. Anyway I went through a stage where I wanted a German middle name because my dad was born there and I’m half German. I picked Heidi and I also loved the Shirley Temple film when I was growing up, ill have to watch it again!


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CLM said...

your welcome, your blog is beautiful, i don't know why you don't have more followers already, but you will, your blog is beautiful. keep it up :)
xoxo - clm