Friday, January 15, 2010

I Love Fake

Ahh what a day.

Started off with a good jog, good shower and good brekie (my own home made muesli and watermelon). I then started to sew a dress but as I was tracing out a pattern i discovered I didn’t have enough tracing paper so that halted my creation.

I recently brought some Dr Martens from eBay and the arrived today! Yippee, when I heard that long awaited knock i jump and sprinted the 10 or so mtrs to the door. I hate waiting for things when you know they are meant to be coming.. but o the feeling of when they do eventually come is well worth the wait. I had the biggest smile as i opened the door and the postman, who smelled strongly of cigarettes probably thought o wow she’s happy for an overcast summers day! and I really, really was.. I ripped open the bag and there they were, the most perfect pair of Dr Martens I have ever laid eyes on. I tried them on and almost died… they are to small!!! But its ok I took them to good’ol Boyd’s shoe repairs and they are going to stretch them for me, fingers crossed.

Anyway.. after my venture to Boyd’s I stopped at Hobby Sew and picked up some tracing paper, thread and a few other bits and pieces and came home and did some more of my dress. I surely will post some pics of the finished results.

Anyway this is an awesome shoot by Misha Taylor for I Love Fake magazine featuring Rebecca Bex Fleetwood.

have a lovely weekend


Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

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