Saturday, January 23, 2010

Home is where the heart is

Ok I know I say I’m in love with a lot of stuff and well to be completely honest with you, I am but this is a different kind of love…I have to say that I am IN LOVE with Erin Wasson’s little abode. It amazes me how everything comes together, it looks effortlessly cool, just as she does, and all the little crazy bits’n pieces she has make it so homey and unique. Definitely taking some inspiration from this one!

And I am currently obsessed with feathers, not little tizzy crappy ones you fins on pillows and all that shit ha… But beautiful long ones, mainly singular but in a cluster? Does anybody else feel this way?

I found these pics at
The site has heaps of photos of artists’ homes... be sure to check it out!


Feathers eeeee


Ok i have to find myself one of these brillant mannequins even tho when I wake up I'd get scared because I'd
think somebody was standing there watching me.

Pedal more drive less.

anybody for a masquerade party?

Not part of Erin's Home but I just thought I'd add it in anyway :)

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Blonde Chicette said...

I would love to hang out in that apartment. I love feathers too, especially on clothing & as earrings. xx