Thursday, December 31, 2009

Russh 2010

As the New Year begins, things change, people change, resolutions are made and quite often un-kept. However we can always be sure that one thing remains the same, well to an extent, and that is the excitement we feel as the newest edition of Russh shows up in our letterboxes. Its like Christmas has come all over again and this month readers were lucky enough to receive a free 2010 calendar to keep all the exciting events of the new decade organized.

This month/s editorial really sets the mood for summer with the athletic, bronzed lines of model Erin Heatherton alongside Jacqueln Jablonski with photographer Benny Horne.

Enjoy 2010! Xo

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

save picture as.

My sewing has come to a stand still over the christmas season as i have no time, because i have to work everyday and then when i get home im too tired to do much except sleep, this is extremely annoying and i feel like crying.
Hopefully next week the my work hours will become less and my sewing more.
Sometimes i think, well most of the time i voice my oppinion, why should i work now, im going to have to work for the rest of my life!
All i want to do is create little masterpieces, but for now all i can to is think up ideas and put them to practice, hopefully next week :S.
My inspiration partly comes from models attire and here are some of my favorite photographs  :)
Photos courtesy of right hand click save.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thank you santa

Well as christmas comes to a close, after another fun year, all we have is the enjoyable memories to remind us of the 2009 festive season, oh and the goodies we were given.
To me christmas isnt at all about the prezzies, its about enjoying valuable time with loved ones and making special memories that last a life time.
However, it is a time to give like you have never given before and these are a few little beauties i was lucky enough to recieve.
1. Vintage flower, turquoise ring
2. Another amazingly crafted ring
3. Frankies Afternoon tea cookbook and Photoalbum... yummmm
4. Fashion through the ages
5. Little coin purse, if it had a face it would probably look like me, my secret santa did excellent on that one!
6. O-Check's message in a bottle, leave special words of wisdom, or a love letter inside and see if you get a relpy :)
Thank you much love xxo







Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Love Stamps

Ahh its good to be home.
I am now able to play with my new, love, stamp set by the graphic designers who call their fine sleves, O-Check.
I purchased my little piece of  heaven from Lee and Me for $44.
If you would like one, so you can decorate your little love letters, jump onto
love. xo

Friday, December 18, 2009

Littledoe is Love

I'm absoloutly in love with the headpieces from Littledoe
they are amazing and i want one
Influenced by the Native American culture, as well as writing songs for her band, Weepaw, the crafty, Chase Cole, makes amazing feather & sometimes floral head pieces that capture the attention of fashion icons such as Erin Wasson, Theodora Richards and M.I.A.
This amazing talent has seen herself featured in the May/June issue of Russh (which happens to be my birthday issue might i add) and when teamed with photographer Rylan Perry, creates magical photographs.

Im in love.

Photos by Rylan Perry from

Monday, December 14, 2009


some really cool pics from !

Lets get it on

I have always loved reading blogs but never thought to make my own..
well here i am :)
this is a new, exciting world of blogging and it can be quite daunting :
i am getting my own little brand started known as vanilah and will be posting pics of my current makings yay.
i will also post images of thing i love to see and people who are amazing!
wish me luck

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