Monday, March 1, 2010

Wild Heart

Ok so when I was younger I would open my mothers large wardrobe and hung inside was two, big, fur coats, next to this was a draw which contained her black floor length negleshay. (if thats how you spell negleshay). I literally never took this off, to do groceries, shopping and even to bed in it ha, and i was only around 4 haha. ohh how I miss those days, I also use to wear my nans shoes that when I walked flipped off the back of my heels hahah.
My mother explained to me that one coat was hers and the other my aunties, which was real. I liked the softer one but when i figured that to be the real one I felt bad. I loved to play dress ups in them and you can just imagine the look i had with a black negleshay and a fur coat ha, very grown up! what can i say i had a taste for fashion even at the tender age of 4.
Today I ventured back to the wardrobe and dished out the coat, it brought back so many memories!
I also got in touch with my wild side

Mums fur coat from the 70s


Anonymous said...

tegzzz you hotttt bitch!
love this!!!

EN VANITÉ said...

plus you're very pretty!

FASH ON said...

Your absolutely stunning! Lovely post.


Shannon said...

You're gorgeous! Love the coat & your new header image. xx

mariel elisa said...

dang you are lucky your mother owns that

Clara said...

you're so beautiful!!
lovely blog

SophieGrace said...

Like your coat. Pretty :D

The F Word Online said...

girl you are so gorgeous ! i love these photos

xx lue

apparellel said...

you are stunning! love the coat!


Fabi said...

thank you for your comment:)
i LOVE your blog!! you've got a new follower:)

Heaean Jin said...

you are soooooooooo gorgeous.
cannot believe you are 16.