Friday, March 19, 2010

Experiment with everything

Shoot one: Hannah Holman by Benny Horne
Shoot two: Bambi by Beau Grealy

After what seemed to be a long day at school, I arrived home glad, knowing that the weekend is finally here.

My excitement went to all new levels when I saw a rectangular object wrapped in plastic sitting on my kitchen bench.

My long awaited RUSSH mag had finally arrived!!, my addiction being fed.

I ripped it open without hesitation and begun flicking through the pages engrossed with the content. This made my day, and will hopefully give me some inspiration for my textiles project for this year, we have to make a bag and I’m thinking the American Indian culture to be my inspiration?

Any ideas?

Have a good weekend everybody! And happy RUSSH reading.


Margaret said...

aaaagh love this post
and hey hey fellow Aussie :)
great blog!!
stop by some time xx

Praxides said...

Great blog.

Love all your posts and Abbey Lee...
And damn, you are beautiful too.

I'll follow.

ellie jane-e valentine. said...

just found your blog... i love it!

as far as ideas go... fringe... lots and lots of fringe... maybe loop fringe?

mumbles said...

i think that's so good,
you'll do a great proyect, nice inspiration
and enjoy your rush too

shoulderache said...

That last picture--THOSE are some eyebrows! Wow!

Good luck on your project! :-)

Bego said...

I love that fur vest and knitted sweater! Great post!

Fashion Chalet said...

COOL blog :)

found you from Tobacco & Leather!


jessica whitley said...

i loove hannah holman .. and i also love the 2nd to last shot, amazing. love your blog!


CL, said...

ooh, i'll need to convince my mum about subscribing to russh, she disapproves of me 'wasting time' reading magazines, haha :) thanks for stopping by, awesome blog, i'm following!

Tegan Joan said...

reading RUSSH is my most precious time :)
tell you mum that Tegan can still get 98% in her maths assessment and read RUSSH okay :D
much love x

pixelhazard said...

shoot two is so elfen. Have to guy my copy tomorrow

coolboy said...

oh god looks same i saw this post in anothr blogger i dont remember her name i saw it today

Celine said...

love that pics!!


meg said...


Rose said...

great post! love the lines in the top pic :)

rundontwalk said...

thanks for your post lovely, these pics make me wish i was actually good at braiding my own hair haha :( xox

Ladybird said...

Love that huge chunky knit!

Valentina_s said...

beautiful photos!
very nice blog

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Ugly Cute said...

i love the hair in these photos!


Poli said...

hopu u've enjoyed ur RUSSH))
i think American Indian is quite good choice - you can revamp this classic image as you want

i like ur blog and would be glad to see you in my blog!

Carolina Krews said...

nice pics!

Azede said...

great blog,, love the denim!