Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thats how we know the world.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, busy lifestyles don’t often lend themselves much spare time. This weekend, however I have a Sunday off, which will be a wonderful time to do some catching up

The topic of the inevitable ‘2012’ came up at lunch today, is the world really going to end?
May I ask everybody, how do you perceive the world?
Is it a horrible place, filled with famine, war and no hope or a peaceful serenity which is filled with love and good opportunity?

Personally I believe we should embrace each and every opportunity that crosses your path.
I also believe everything happens for a reason and you must take the good with the bad. Look forward to spending time with loved ones, and never pass up an offer of good old fashioned fun!
Although there are terrible things in this world, its how we know it. This world can downright suck when things don’t go our way, but at least, we, in the western, developed world can wake up each morning and know there is hope.

This editorial featuring Lindsey Hoover by Chadwick Tyler for Resin Spring 2010
is so fantastic. Tyler really captures the should and expresses it in a way, which to me, is breath taking!



Poli said...

i mean that i would be glad if u syop by my blog)))) what u already did) tnx for commenting on and letting me use ur pics)
hope to see you again somewhere around my blog, ahahah))))))

Poli said...

by the way i like this shoot.. and totally agree that everyth happens for a reason. if one wouldn't believe in that, than it's so hard to live. coz faith it's all we got sometimes..

pixelhazard said...

Well if the world does end, atleast I'm having a blast. Don't really think about it. There have been so many doomsday predictions

mumbles said...

i totally agree with you,
we must enjoy every day with the good things, and the bad ones which sometimes happens
really nice editorial


Barbora said...

Agree! I would never guess you are only 16, your blog and things you say are actually meaningful. Great job sweete!
Following u, follow me too?

"fashionably tasteful.have a bite"

SabinePsynopsis said...

I'm trying to concentrate on the positive beautiful things in life... (funny, I saw the 1st pic in a different blog today and just didn't get it, but you posted it bigger, that's better!)

Sarah said...

your blog is very nice :)
you´re so right with you´re opinion.there are too many terrible things in the world but we have to enjoy the lovley things :)

i´ll follow u :)

Lori said...

love the second & last photos.

i dont believe the world will end in 2012. NASA is even trying to tell people its not going to happen. I think this something we can't predict and well theres not much we can do about it anyways.

CL, said...

although our world is sometimes downright disgusting and full of war and hatred and everything, i guess there is still hope and some beauty left! wow at the first picture, have a brilliant weekend :)

Neni said...

we have lots of different ice like that in germany :P
thanks back for the comment :P

ellie jane-e valentine. said...

this photo shoot is AMAZING.


Izzy said...

love the shoot, very grunge, and 'wintery', love the blog too!
Swamped in flowers

FASH ON said...

This is hot! Fuckin love it!



Ivania said...

lovely images

Paz said...

Lovely blog and photographs :)
Follow me if you want and I follow you!

with love :)

Black Widow said...

I agree with you too,nice blog!
i like grunge pics

CrayFiSH said...

this is how i know fashion!


Rose said...

love this editorial!

The Cheeky girl said...

love this photo shoot


lover. said...

love these images! x

Anonymous said...

So glad you like our stuff :)

There'll be LOTS more winter pieces in the following weeks, this week is just a small introduction to the cold season! We're so excited :)

Your blog is amazing by the way! You're so stunning!


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Laetitia´s Comptoir said...

Great pics!!!


Nello Esposito said...

great outfit :) thank you so much