Monday, March 8, 2010

Shake Dreams from your hair

I had this dream last night that I was at my annual school swimming carnival and I went to the dressing rooms to have a shower.
As the showers were all situated on an open wall I made sure there was no boys around before I stripped.
There wasnt so I did. Suddenly out of nowhere there was a group of boys standing opposite me and a girl, who is actually my friend in real life, stole my swimmers and left me standing there, naked, exposed to the whole world.
This left me feeling quite vunerable when i awoke, but I also had a giggle.
I would love to hear some of my fellow bloggers dreams :)
any exciting ones ?

Shake Dreams From Your Hair : Shelby Keeton by Nicole Nodland

Source: Fashionising


Marla Singer said...

hahaha that's a weird dream ;D
i love the first pic! breath-taking <33

The F Word Online said...

these photos are so HOT ! and ive definitely had dreams like that where you wake up and sort of ask yourself if that seriously just happened and laugh at how ridic it was, ahah

xx lue

Lori said...

love the photos, i dont know if you watched the show but i had a dream last night that i kidnapped Mac from Its always sunny in philadelphia. I enjoyed it lol

¶ Michelle said...

I had that dream last week. I was woken up from the boyfriend but I was still in "sleep mode" that I started saying all these things that I can't remember. And then in the morning I was like "what was that about!??" hahhaaa

love the blog ♥


JP said...

i love the photos!
nice blog too ;)

kisses from Russia,

UnoCosa said...

i like weird dream! amazing choices of photo, xx