Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thank you santa

Well as christmas comes to a close, after another fun year, all we have is the enjoyable memories to remind us of the 2009 festive season, oh and the goodies we were given.
To me christmas isnt at all about the prezzies, its about enjoying valuable time with loved ones and making special memories that last a life time.
However, it is a time to give like you have never given before and these are a few little beauties i was lucky enough to recieve.
1. Vintage flower, turquoise ring
2. Another amazingly crafted ring
3. Frankies Afternoon tea cookbook and Photoalbum... yummmm
4. Fashion through the ages
5. Little coin purse, if it had a face it would probably look like me, my secret santa did excellent on that one!
6. O-Check's message in a bottle, leave special words of wisdom, or a love letter inside and see if you get a relpy :)
Thank you much love xxo







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