Friday, December 18, 2009

Littledoe is Love

I'm absoloutly in love with the headpieces from Littledoe
they are amazing and i want one
Influenced by the Native American culture, as well as writing songs for her band, Weepaw, the crafty, Chase Cole, makes amazing feather & sometimes floral head pieces that capture the attention of fashion icons such as Erin Wasson, Theodora Richards and M.I.A.
This amazing talent has seen herself featured in the May/June issue of Russh (which happens to be my birthday issue might i add) and when teamed with photographer Rylan Perry, creates magical photographs.

Im in love.

Photos by Rylan Perry from


JL said...

I think it great that you have started a blog!
Keep it up!

The Daily Muse said...

very " Where the Wild Things are" !, which is of course a great thing.