Saturday, June 26, 2010



Source: Gravity plays favourites in the sun colletion.

One of my dearest friends has been part of the team who created the amazing new brand Gravity Plays Favourites. The Australian manufactured, anit-sweatshop, zero carbon footprint, label is brand spankin new and has a range of  awesome t-shirts with low necklines, and over sized singlets. You can have one of these works of art for around 70 bucks a pop, just contact Reece HERE
They are also being sold at the lovely Lee and Me, on of Wollongong's finest boutiques.
Support the up and coming young Australian designers! You will look brillant for doing it :)



Paige Wilkins said...

love these images, and really love your blog. Fancy exchanging links?


AlejandrA said...

the pictures are great!

Rachel Lynne said...

these pictures are great, that shot second down is very sweet and hippie :)

Lynzy said...

Definitely going to have to check out this brand!

I am having a giveaway (starts at midnight tonight) Be sure to stop by :)

xo Lynz

and flowers pick themselves said...

i love the light in these. awesome arrangement!

xo Alison


amazing photo shooting...fab shots

Anonymous said...

looking oh so coo! miss my old Docks hehe! rockin' blog!

johanna said...

This looks awesome! I'll post a summer must have and a packing issue.
Thank you so much for your lovely comment
Keep following
Love johana

theballonrouge said...

hey, thanks for the comment
your blog's amazing all the pictures i love!

now following you,
come by for another visit!

Abernathy said...

so cool..

Vicki said...

these photos make me wanna skip about in over sized tees and biker boots and have picnics at sunset on crochet blankets! love it!! fab that they are zero carbon footprint!! :) x

sexyever said...

the party was so funny!!:) nice blog and picss:) thankuu for commentt

it-girl said...

Thank you very much for your lovely comment!

Carmen said...

Aww thank you :)

eliska.h said...

loving thisss omg, this brand looks great... any chance of shipping to europe?
great blog btw ♥

kiss me quick said...

aww you have great inspirational pictures here. I love this style of people and photos.

You have yourself a new follower to!

xxx kissmequick

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Sounds excellent. Will definitely have to look into it!

Anonymous said...

These photos are AMAZING, great blog btw