Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shirt Thief

Source: Various and myself.

When freezing at a football game, stealing a vintage, denim, Levis shirt from a drunken man friend is always the way to go!

Step one: " man, im so freezing"
Step two: Recieve shirt
Step three: "Hey im just going to go for a walk, if i loose you ill give your shirt back tomorrow ok :)
Step four: Run away and never go back.

The next day when you recieve an email, via facebook, from your drunken friend accusing you of being a, quote "Shirt Thief", just explain to them that you needed it to take photos for you blog and all will be forgiven :).
Thanks Kyle!

I am actually addicted to denim


Mila said...

Oh wow,amazing photos!!! <3

CL, said...

YES! i am obsessed with denim jackets & shirts at the moment :) i love that one your wearing, you're gorgeous! and lovely pictures! enjoy your weekend ♥
ps. who do you go for (AFL)?

Nataliexxx said...

Ah! Your images are so bold and intriguing. Love to gawp at them. Very glad I discovered your blog -following!

Diana said...

Your pictures just made me addicted to denim!
Very funny steps!LOLS i shall try them myself hehe

Ben Sowry Photography said...

Your blogs keep getting better tegan, I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

wow those picture look amazing, really professional!
nice work!

Sarah said...

i love denim :) i have lots of them ;)
amazing pictures ;)

Rachel Lynne said...

I'm so in love with this new denim trend and your shirt! Thats exactly the kind I want to get, great post!


Martinacore said...

Thanks for your comment!
I really enjoy your photos, wonderful :)

Become my follower!

Martinacore said...

Thanks for your comment!
I really enjoy your photos, wonderful :)

Become my follower!

snoblak said...

You are so gorgeous !!! ;-) I love your series. Do you model?

Sarah said...

thanks :)
really ? where he was born ?:)
yeah, come over, germany is very nice ;)

JL said...

Spot on!

veronicaa said...

Wow you look great amazing photos and outfit!!!!!
Xoxo Veronica

Točkica said...

you are so beautiful!!!
amazing photos!!!
xoxo tonia

Sarah said...

oh i think there's no town in germany, called vanneha or something like that.
why in 2012 ? do you know the cities already you´ll visit or stay ?:)

Nicci said...

beautiful shirt < 3 !!
i want such a denim shirt :) denim is hot! :)

nicci ♥

Esther Christine said...

Thanks for your comment ! I'm not yet sure which one I'm going to choose... We will see :) xoxo

Phuong said...

looks great!!

Anonymous said...

I love the photos and your blog !

nattjane'n'aligee said...

hahahaha i love that.
ill keep that in mind ;)
in another note, denim is a must this summer, i luv


Aleisha Z said...

Hahaha i love it! Nothing beats denim :) Stunning girl!!! XX Aleisha

Sarah said...

oh okay, ill finish school next year, so i´ll go to england for improving my english (im sorry for writing with lots of mistakes;) )
ähm,there a a lot of nice places.i think you want to visit the big ones, dont you ?;)
for example, berlin, köln, hamburg, frankfurt or karlsruhe. i love them :)
do you speak german ?

Azede said...

Love the denim top!

The Man from Amsterdam said...

Loving that denim shirt thanks for sharing!

Točkica said...

hy sweety,
you comment on my blog, yes, the photos are pics of my hometown :)
i am from croatia
love reading your blog

jack bespoke said...

love how you took this popular look and did ur own thing with it, your own images are so fun

[a new blog!]

folktime said...

I love jean vest, vean jackets, jean shirts! haha

Nicole Jarecz said...

i love this look on you!

little shadow said...

Haha, I love it!
It's always good to have an interesting story to go along with acquiring an item of clothing.
I am so glad denim is back in, I think I'm just going to spend all of winter wearing denim shirts and jackets and vests.
You're a babe, btw.

Jony said...

Amazing photos!! The denim looks great on you :)

tobaccoandleather said...

haha, thanks, it felt like a life time!!

gorgeous pictures and a gorgeous you!
blog's looking great


chloet said...

just discovered your blog
huge fan already, can really relate to your style, and love your posts..


Kim said...

amazing pictures !! Love the jeans jackets and I love your blog !

the gorgeous said...

haha! I'm addicted to denim too! It will never pass away!

Sue said...

I'm addicted to denim too!

I follow your blog, I like it very much!

could you follow back mine?


apparellel said...

i love denim too, and just ruined my chambray shirt by sewing lace insets in, and fucked it up. aargh. now i have to go thrift another.

i just discovered your blog and love it. you are sooo beautiful.


Isquisofrenia said...

thats awesome shirt
yeah i love rush too i always go to the bookstore and go through all of my favs magazine
youhave an awesome style and your blog is so killer!!

Tanja Mia said...

Nice Denimshirts. I like the last picture, very amazing!

Rianna Bethany said...

The stolen shirt from the drunken man friend looks awesome!!
Rianna xxxxxxx

Zanah said...

Lovely denim shirt !!! :)

Mon Mode Blog

Esmoquin room said...

me encanta la propuesta!!

Un abrazo,

Liya said...

the last photo is gorgeous!

akaCola said...

that made us laugh! :) we would of done the same thing.....denim shirts are timeless lovely blog!! :)

mavric said...

love denim! trying to find the perfect denim shirt for myself now.

Jo said...

Addicted to denim? Word to the third, tell me all about it.