Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friends Forever

Today was a glorious Saturday, two girlfriends and I headed up to Glebe markets and they are BRILLANT. The village itself is so cute, full of quirky cafes and pretty flowers growing in trees, its just a magical place.
I managed to score myself two awesome bags, and im sure they will be in some pictures very soon :).
Today got me thinking, what would you do without friends?
They are the family you choose for yourself and the best memories are created around the times you share with them.
A best friend will always give you the best memories, the happiest smile, and the right advice for and sticky situation.
I love all my beautiful friends, in Heaven and on Earth :)

Me and my bestie, aged 2?
I always had an inkling for fashion, even at a young age.


Mila said...


Awaiting said...

absolutely beautiful photos. :)
i stared for quite a while. :D

style baro said...

i love it

Brandi-Nicole said...

Love the pictures!! You were adorable as a kid!

Anonymous said...

Cool pics girrl:)

akaCola said...

aww yes friends are the best thing when family isnt there i love all my friends and thank god that i have them sucha a cute picture of you and your bestie :)

and btw yes we have seen the movie hot chick is such a funny movie!!

Anonymous said...

This is really sweet... I love all the different friend pictures. Even though I don't know any of them, it makes me feel nostalgic. Weird, huh?


Anonymous said...

Just found your's amazing. By the way what brand of makeup do you use, in the pictures of you your skin looks flawless!

Teresa said...

The photo of you and your bestie is so super sweet!

VanilahFashion said...

To Anonymous commenter
thank you so much!
I use nutrimetics foundation which i apply with a brush not fingers or spounge and then i just use a compressed powder over the top to to the shine.
But i dont wear heavy make-up at all, i use minimal, i just make sure i keep my skin clean and use a Clindatech solution to clear away any pimples i see forming :)

i hope that helps

love is a wonderful terrible thing said...

you are beautiful lovely, and ur blog is too. Im hooked on one look!

Samantha xxx

rachel kara said...

Thanks for your encouraging comment lovely. I am so glad it led me to your blog - love it. I was at Glebe markets on Sat too!

Would love to shoot one day with you if you wanted.


Emma said...

love your blog, you got some great photos :)

Sherrie Cola said...

Aww lovely selection of photos!

elledee said...

lovely lovely pictures! Now I want to have a chic slumber party

christine ◘ tie me a bow said...

I know that I am no where near the Glebe markets, and I am so jealous that I'm not! It sounds magical indeed! :)

Friends make us make it through life. Such cute photos.

Tie Me a Bow

Anonymous said...

hello Vanilah,
sweetie,thank you so much for your comment!
I like your blog a lot,all of those amazing photos♥

+ follow

Nicole Jarecz said...

these are all great but i love the one with the sunglasses!

Nicole Jarecz said...

these are all great but i love the one with the sunglasses!

Clara said...

lovely post <3

Shannon King said...

I love my best friends, I'd be lost without them. this is a cute post! xx

Margaret said...

so gorgeous..
love your blog!
great posts
stop by some time xx

WildFlower said...

Thats gorgeous, those photos are some really good finds. Great theme for a post!

Bailey Hospodor said...

LOVE the post!
thanks for the comment also:x

Anonymous said...

i see we have the same style in pictures :D also known ad flawlesss! (;

le pearl said...

I really digged all the fashion in this post <3

I also am so intrigued by the photo with the girl with purple/pink hair. Her shorts are amazing. They look as if they are braided across or something?