Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hump Day

Well today is the 'Hump' day and its almost over. I call it the hump day, not because everyone humps of this day (haha) but because you have the start of the week i.e Mon, Tue and then you come to Wednesday, which is the hump. Once you get over this hump its only 2 days until the weekend. :) hence hump day. And this weekend should be a good one if everything goes to plan. Saturday shopping in Bondi junction/ markets and if the weather decides to be nice, which i doubt considering its been crazily hot everyday during the weeks and then pisses down like nothing else on the weekends, then ill be heading over to the famous Bondi beach for a swim and tan.
This editorial for Vogue Nippon is absoloutly stunning, I am a big fan of Anna Selezneva and she looks amazing in the shoot

anyway im off to make my friend a singlet so she can wear it to soundwave

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Raez said...

i had a great hump day;) wednesdays are always my fave days!

xx raez