Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hello Hello

Wow so its been quite a while since I have posted anything on Vanilah, and I kind of miss it :)
So I have put together a few pics (ones I love) and I will start blogging again!
Woo hoo, Hope you all are having a great 2011, and thanks to all my lovely followers!
Oh and I discovered the most amazing shots! 
Jump onto Simple Machine and check it out, amazing.

I also have a tumblr now too,, similar pictures as on here but a little bit different :) and you can ask questions etc. 

Have a good one!

Tegs xx


KcomeKarolina said...

love the first pic!!!

xoxo from rome

that girl lucy said...

isabel and margaux, favourites <3
and hot tumblr! following x

Isabella said...

I do love that first pic :) <3
And now following you on Tumblr!

Charlotte Beecham said...

love it

minnja said...

Looooove it:)


Laurita P said...

beautiful photos, i really like last one, her hair is great